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January 28, 2022


Leading Home Decoration Supplier in China

Fydecor has been a renowned name as a home decoration supplier in China. We have been supplying top class home and wedding decoration products to our clients since 2015.

For more than 5 years, Fydecor has provided decoration and a link between tradition and modernity. Our working atmospheres as a friendly decoration supplier has enticed shops from all over the world, as we share the same love and sensitivity for authentic and charming furniture and items.

Our collections are constantly evolving; while we enjoy combining styles such as industrial and vintage, charm, country-style, and antique furniture reproductions, we also want to stay on top of the latest trends and thus develop tastefully new product lines that will create pretty unique atmospheres in your homes.

As wholesaler of decoration supplies, we conduct business all over China with several thousand retailers. Our 10 items collection has made us an emerging home decoration supplier of modern times.

Sought-after Home Decoration Supplier

Fydecor is a leading decoration supplier and manufacturer of exciting furnishings and home decor industries.

Managed by a team of well-experienced professionals, we always remain committed to maintain standards of production and quality. We make sure the rates buyers would pay, are realistic and competitive.

With our vast selection of product categories that include decorative accessories, accent furniture, mirrors, wall décor, Party Decoration, lighting, and garden, we focus on providing top quality and value to our customers.

We source through our global partners and take pride in providing home decoration items to retail, e-commerce, and wholesale stores throughout China.